How Braces Can Help With Crooked Teeth

Having straight teeth is something that cannot be overlooked. Teeth that are misaligned crooked or out of place affects the way a person looks, talks and even chews. More so, because they have unnatural spaces cleaning them is very hard. In some cases, this can cause pain since they affect the way jaws line up. One method of correcting this is orthodontic treatment. This method works by inserting pressure over time to straighten the teeth.

There are three basic parts of braces including arch wire, bonding, or band and brackets. An orthodontist is a highly qualified professional who not only straighten your teeth but is also interested in the overall health of a patient’s mouth. Since braces work over time sometimes they may seem not working but in fact, they are helping to continue your progress down the path of treatment so that you can get the smile of your dream. To create the gentle pressure, the wire is bent to make your ideal bite and teeth position.

The wire is then used to thread in the brackets. as it tries to regain its original shape it puts a little force to move the teeth. With pressure coming from the side the bone, the other side gives way. As the teeth move, a new bone grows behind it. This process currently happens very fast thanks to the new technology. Braces may or may not improve jaw bone problems. Before carrying it out on the jaw, you should thoroughly investigate the approach. The duration depends on how severe your teeth problem is.

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Remember if you want your teeth to improve you must wear braces and take care of your teeth. Although placing braces always takes about one hour this largely depends on the kind of problem that you have. Since patients adjust very fast to braces within a short time they become just another part of their life.