Secure Your Home By Installing a New Lock

There are many reasons why you might want to install a new lock in your home. You may be packing into a new home, the old lock might be damaged, or you just want to upgrade for insurance purposes. Whatever your reasons are, a locksmith website can help you install a new lock to help secure your home.

To install a new lock, the locksmith will first check for the brand and size that matches your door. Knowing the type and size of the door to replace is the first step toward ensuring you have the perfect lock. The locksmith will then remove the old lock and prepare the space for the new lock. They do this with professional precision to ensure that the lock space is not damaged, thereby preventing any future problems that may arise. Next, they chisel out recesses that are uneven so that the new latch will be able to fit perfectly without errors. Then they install the new lock set with the keyed section staying on the outside. Then they screw everything back together, ensuring that the strike plate is in line with the lock.

old-doorOnce the lock is in place, they test the lock and latch operation, with and without a key, to ensure that the lock is perfectly fit. This type of test is necessary so that you don’t get locked out of your home due to faulty installation. The locksmith then disassembles the deadbolt and install a new one. Once they deadbolt is in place they test it with the keys ensuring that it works perfectly. Your new lock is ready for use.

Hiring a locksmith here to install your new lock is the best thing for any clever homeowner. Locksmiths are experts trained and experienced to eliminate petty errors in lock installation. Locksmiths will also give you guarantees on your installation, and will help you get the best type of lock at the most competitive price.